Looking back

Now that 2010 is coming to an end, I can’t help but rewind the year in my head.  Looking back, I’m comforted knowing that me and Craig did our best.  Parenting is daunting territory and knowing that we are creating and molding our children is sometimes an over the top feeling for me.    Are we exposing them to enough things that will enrich their lives?  Are we choosing the right way to discipline?  Are we laughing enough?  I have so many of these questions swirling around my head.  At the end of the day (sure there are some bad days) but most nights, I can honestly go to sleep with a huge smile.  I know that my kids excelled that day whether it was in the way of discovering, realizing, creating or conquering.  I’m 100% thrilled with that knowledge.  It is the kind of knowledge that I stick in my back pocket for noone to see and think of it as a jet-fueled pack that rockets me through to the next day.

When you look back on this year, what do you see?


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