Tis the season

We made a gingerbread house! Have you all tried to make one? You see, I don’t like gingerbread anything and I also am not a big fan of icing, so the thought of making one of these houses sort of grossed me out. We were in AC Moore and lo and behold, the end-cap with kits for making your own gingerbread house. I couldn’t escape it, the Monsta spotted it immediately. He HAD to have one. I didn’t even give him a hard time about it. I simply said, “OK, but you know it is only for decoration, right? You don’t actually eat gingerbread houses and the candy it comes with is really yuck!” Gosh, I’m brilliant. He went along with the whole plan.

He stirred:

And he meticulously placed ALL the candy on the house. I did the icing part. I couldn’t believe the care he put into putting the pieces on so carefully and neatly. He did want to try a piece so I let him taste one and he said it was so gross he couldn’t believe it. He then spit it out. I was safe.

Look how straight all the candy is on the roof!

Pretty nice, right?

We had a great time and he is super proud of his construction. I recommend it to all!


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