what is going on…

made a gingerbread house today with the monsta

i have a sore throat : (

both kids are napping

i got my glasses adjusted – YAY!

the back of my ear is sore from where they were adjusted – Boo Hoo

hubby steam cleaned the basement rug – YAY!

cat pooped on it this morning – Boo Hoo

waiting for a delivery : )

have a cool review coming this week

very busy with Earth & Skye Photography : )

have been doing exercise everyday for two whole days.  today will be the third.  Give me Woot Woot!

still in my pajamas – HA!

house is messy – what is new.

a bit unorganized but then there are parts that are really organized like my hat and glove drawer.

must pick up camera to shoot my own holiday card – doh!

reading over this list and chuckling…


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