Halloween 2010

It is so easy to think of things that make me happy. Let me start with…

That cheesy grin that I want to kiss every time he looks at me.

How he named the scarecrow we all made, Stuffy…..and how he is a member of our family now.

How this little bundle ate his PB & J in the cold while everyone else ate candy.

How Daddy led the way.

How he thinks Grandma is a cookalooni (I don’t expect you all to get that 😉

How he had to sit in the wagon because he just couldn’t make it to the next house.

How brave he got as the day went on and he wanted to go up to the houses alone.

How goofy my vulcan husband is with his baby Captain Kirk.

The smile Craig gets when I photoshop him on the bridge.

The smiles were priceless yesterday and Ben fell asleep before Daddy was even finished telling him his goodnight story – awwwww

He discovered he actually likes popcorn too.

Thanks to all family that came and celebrated with us yesterday. It makes memories like these so much more rich. xxo


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