Traditionnnnnn Tradition! (Did you read that like fiddler on the roof?)

I’ve always loved traditions. There is something so warm about them. One of my favorites is pumpkin picking. Maybe it is the crispness in the air or the smell of leaves burning but Autumn has got to be my favorite time of year. I’m a Libra so you can see why the rich colors of this season rock my world. I just love looking around at all those oranges and reds and yellows and browns….what a delight. And what about the sound of walking in the leaves? Crunch Crunch.

Well, when we decided to go pumpkin picking last weekend, it was a pretty gorgeous day. When the sun hid behind the clouds, it was all those things I mentioned above. For the most part, the sun was out…..and it was quite warm. We are usually with friends but this year it was just our sweet family. David was much more of a participant this year than last.

He is the one in the blue with the fuzzy ears. I remember that day so vividly. Sigh….he was so little.

This time around he was mobile and loving it.

Nothing like a little bedhead and a headlock…

My sweets! These kids are the best things that have ever happened to Craig and I. I love them more than the universe!

Gosh, I’m getting mushy gushy. Ok, folks….signing off and leaving you with this little but of sugar…


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