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Smushy Gushy

Started my pottery class on Tuesday.  It was great to get back into it.  I felt as though I lost a lot of technique so it was back to the basics.  I found my hands were too stiff and so was my posture.  I managed to make a couple of pieces but I certainly wasn’t...

Mom’s chip n’ dip

Chip and dip Originally uploaded by minaypal My Mom put in a request for a chip n’ dip bowl. It was the second time I made one. It is technically better than my first but isn’t as large. I love the way the glaze came out though. Mom loved it and I know it will...

Waves galore

This bowl was almost lost.  It was about to collapse due to too much water.  I let it set and then salvaged it.  Now, I LOVE it!

Marina’s Mug

I’ve been taking pottery classes for almost a year now and I’m completely addicted.  This was one of my first mugs.  Sure it has some defects but you know what?  I love it!  I look forward to Craigfast (Craig makes the worlds BEST breakfast every weekend if you didn’t already know – drool) all week...


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