Make a wish!

A Birthday that lasts for more than a week must be a kid’s dream. The Monsta doesn’t understand why we keep celebrating but he sure doesn’t mind the dessert! It started last Thursday (his actual Birthday). The immediate family came over for dinner and cake:

He made a wish (which is usually…I hope Mommy does good…..could ya die!)

Then on Saturday, Craig’s cousins came for the day. My inlaws joined us later in the day and we had dinner and cupcakes:

Thanks Rachel for those lishy cakes!

All this celebrating and the real party is still coming. We always have a BIG bash for Ben’s birthday and we love it because it kicks off the summer. That is scheduled for this Saturday. I’m a bit worried about the weather. It is not looking good right now. I don’t know what we will do if it rains. This small house can’t accommodate all those people. Yikes!

Memorial Day weekend photos are soon to come this week…..

Off to Flamenco soon – I’m back to classes if you didn’t know.

have a great night! xxo Marina


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