We have been outdoors every chance we can get. Last weekend was no different. Craig decided to take out all the stones in the path I made leading from the deck to the pool. I made it right after I gave birth to Monsta, four years ago. During this time, I had the intentions of planting some low growing thyme inbetween the stones to make it look all purty. It didn’t happen and the  weeds  grass took over and on top of that I didn’t make it all that level so when it rains we get some nice looking puddles.  Craig dug everything up and me and Monsta helped dig out the growth.  He laid down a barrier to prevent weeds from coming through this time.  He placed everything back but now the fun begins trying to level all the stones.  These are really  crazy stones, some really thick, some thin…  I remember it was really difficult.  Ugh….not looking forward to that task.  What makes it tolerable is when I can look over on the grass and see this…

It makes my heart sing. Can Cubby get anymore of his hand in his mouth? He is teething and can’t help it the poor babe. Look at the Monsta? You know we call him that because he is the exact opposite right? He loves him so and Craig and I are the luckiest people in the world.

kisses, Marina


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