Banana kisses

DSC_0228Six months have gone by and let me just tell you, they went by super fast! My sweet, little Cubby is a champ with one tooth already breaking through his gums. I feel another one right behind it too. It has been a sickly winter around here. Monsta doesn’t ever seem to get over these dreaded colds. He has been sporting a lovely cough for over two weeks now – good grief. I feel that the better portion of my day is telling him to cover his mouth or don’t cough in the baby’s face. It gets tiresome. The sun being out though makes us happy. We have been outside for days. I have successfully weeded all the beds, replanted my blueberry bush and replanted my herbs from the garden into pots on the deck. I have repotted ALL my african violets to cheer them up. I feel terrible for them….I just don’t have enough windows in my house to put them in. Poor little guys. What is left on my priority list is to plant some bulbs I picked up and some peas and some cosmos. Then I can move on to my regular ongoing list. It never ends but I love it!


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