I don’t do windows


Having a fenced in backyard is just the best on so many levels. The snow is so tempting for a three year old as it is and when Mommy doesn’t really want to go out because 1. We were JUST out. 2. The baby is awake and getting over being sick. or 3. The stir crazies are kicking in……it is the perfect opportunity for a young explorer to well uh, Explore! The other day he went out and had so much fun. Of course I’m watching him out of every window of the house and giggling. To see him bundled up to the eyes and falling or even trying to make his way through the deep snow just cracks me up. He comes knocking at the kitchen glass door periodically for certain things. A spoon, a bigger spoon because the first spoon is not working, a smaller spoon, another smaller spoon because the one he had went through the pool fence never to be seen again till spring. You know, the usual. Well, my most favorite part is when he puts the snow on the glass door and rubs it all around. He is so focused that he doesn’t even see me with my camera on the other side of the glass with my monster of a lens. His face is that of an angel (to me anyways) and I could watch him all day. Oh wait…I DO. Anyways, here is my little cookie spotting me in the kitchen. (so busted). Too bad I didn’t catch his big smile 2 seconds later.


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