The Secret


A typical morning glance from my boy usually consists of bedhead, breakfast smeared on his face and eyes that look right through me.  This kid is a character, let me tell you.  When he accomplishes something grand like putting keys in a random hole on the highchair and the keys actually STAY suspended or when he takes out all the clothes I just folded from the hamper and creates some abstract fabric sculpture with them in the middle of his bedroom, he comes running to get me.  I hear his Flintstone feet getting closer and then he grabs my hand and literally drags me to the area where something fantastic has just happened.  He stands there looking at what he did and silently busting, waits for some reaction from me.  The look on his face when I shower him with praise is something I can’t describe.  It’s like Mother’s have had this secret of how incredible it is to BE a Mom and when you become one and get a look like that it makes you feel like you are the luckiest person on this earth.

Happy Birthday Melinda!


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