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When school ended last June, our days became crazy busy.  The summer was a whirlwind of fun.  We traveled to Mexico for two weeks to visit family, camp happened, swimming lessons, beach days, pool days, family days, friend days and who knows what else.  During all of this, we are trying to paint and redesign a lot of the rooms in our home.  Hectic is the word.  I never knew how difficult it was to pick out a paint color until now.

Has it gotten more peaceful?  Not really.  School is in full swing along with jiu jitsu, soccer and swimming.  House stuff still going on and busy season ramping up.  I look at my website and see a zillion things I need to change and add and fix and rearrange.  I will get to it at some point.  In the mean time, photographs are the most important.  There are sessions that I have not blogged and photos you need to see.

The following was of a beautiful family that celebrated their daughter’s communion.  We went from communion to full out family fun.  That’s the way I like to roll.  Enjoy…

Now that Fall is here and everyone is going to scramble at the last minute for their holiday card photos, why not take advantage of my special.  Take a look:

Long Island Holiday Fall mini sessionsHope to see you!


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