Eggy in a wine glass.

That’s fancy for a 3 minute egg in a shot glass.  Me and Julie grew up always having this.  My Mom made them perfectly.  Firm white, runny yellow, always accompanied with a matzoh and butter and a sprinkle of salt.  Those were the days.  Well, to this day, when I have the urge for this special breakfast, I have to call my Mom and ask her, ” How do you make a 3 minute egg again?”.  She always laughs.  She tells me how to do it like I’m hearing it for the first time and then we hang up.  Later on in the day she will call me and ask, “So, how did your breakfast turn out?”.  I usually reply, “Eh, the yellow wasn’t runny.”.  Why can’t I master this skill?  Cook the egg for 3 minutes Marina!  Today, well actually last week, I made the perfect egg!  Firm, runny – it met all requirements.  I thought it was a fluke and didn’t mention it.  Today, I tried my hand again and what do you know……perfection again!  I can’t believe it.  To some, this might seem really stupid but to me, it’s the ultimate.  Imagine, I can go through life now making perect eggies.  Ben loved it too.  I’m so happy and since my day started out so well, I will share my little trick on how to do it. 

Let the water boil and add a little salt.

Drop in the eggs (while boiling) and put the timer on for 4 minutes.  This is the hard part.  Don’t be fooled by the name.  I always buy large or x-large eggs and they need 4 minutes.

When the buzzer goes off you are done.



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