Too cold out so he suggested we make sumpin’.

Monsta – Mommy can we make sumpin?

Me – Yes, sweetheart. What would you like to make?

Monsta – Sumpin from the box (Our cousin Rachel gave him this cool Box filled with Art projects awhile ago – perfect for those inside days)

Me – That’s a good idea

pulled out box

Monsta – (pointing to the pictures on the box) I wanta make dis dis and dis!

Me – Pick one thing because if we make too many things, we won’t have anything to do the next time.

Monsta – Ok, I wanta make da dawg.

Me – Good choice.

after some smushing and rolling and sticking and pressing and fixing…….


Me – Wow! Ben, look at what you made!

Monsta – It is bootiful Mommy. Now I wanta make da cow.

Me – Ok

he was an expert now.


Nice cow huh?

He was pretty impressed with himself. I love moments like these. I asked him if I could maybe take a picture of him with his two new friends. He said Yes.



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