Can I interest you in a Gourd?

Spent the weekend in Lancaster, PA among the Amish.  What perfect weather we had.  It was sunny and warm but not too warm and a little breezy but not too breezy.  It was just the girls (Me, Mom and Jul) this time around and Benjamin.  This picture is upon arrival, we stopped at Stoltzfus Farm to check things out.

You can buy tons of meat there (which didn’t interest us) or eat family style (which definitely didn’t interest us).  We left there after Grandma purchased Samuel, a cute little Amish boy doll with a black hat. 

We walked around the little towns and watched all the people shop.  I say that because the three of us are the worst shoppers ever.  We don’t like any of that country, crafty stuff.  So we strolled around and I took a lot of pictures.  Looking at the photographs now, one would never be able to tell we were even away.  They are mostly close-ups of Ben.  I just can’t help that you know – he is so freakin’ cute.  Here’s a couple of what seemed to be brother and sister selling painted horseshoes.

cute, right?  I’ll post more photos of the trip on flickr so be sure to check in.


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