“Sun” day

After Ben woke up this morning, we set out to walk to the local diner.  It’s about a two mile walk each way.  Ben loves strolling and pointing out all the….  EVERYTHING.  Breakfast was good.  It was no Craigfast but good.   On our way back, we stopped at a house that had put some things out by the curb with a “FOR SALE” sign.  Lo and behold, a children’s picnic table.  We have been looking for one of those and there it was for $6.  They also had a big sandbox in the shape of a boat.  We couldn’t resist.  The nice man even offered to deliver it in his truck.  He was thrilled to get rid of it and we were happy to have it.  He also threw in a cute little school bus toy which Ben has been playing with all day.  Some people are just soooo nice! 

Bus - Beep Beep

Afterwards, we all went into the pool.  Ben splashed and played until he was exhausted.  Craig did yard work and I caught up on my relaxing.  How peaceful it was.  We ended the night with leftovers and Star Trek.

It was the perfect day.



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