or shall I say day dreaming of all the things I would like to accomplish before the baby arrives. I’ve been wanting to do another belly shot being that I’m 35 weeks but I just don’t have the time or the inspiration. Maybe over the weekend something will come over me. Livingroom is shaping up. Seat cushions are in and the cornice has been made. (Thanks to my Aunt Les who came over last night and worked on the floor while Ben was jumping on her back!) I have to now make another pillow (which I was supposed to do last week or was that the week before?) and hang the cornice. Also, find a rug. I don’t know if the rug will happen before Rosh Hashanah but that is ok. I still don’t have the prints I wanted up. That’s funny, up sounds like I have them framed…..meanwhile……I didn’t even take the shots I want for that wall. As Scarlett always says, “Tomorrow is another day”.


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