A rainy day pirate

After Ben’s nap today it was still raining so I had to think of something clever.  Recently we introduced him to Peter Pan and he loves it.  Granted he hasn’t watched the movie in its entirety but what he has watched he likes.  I decided to dress him up as Captain Hook.  Ok, so he is the bad guy but Peter Pan was a little too difficult and the fairy was definitely OUT.  Hook was the way to go.  I gave him a mustache, a tattoo, a silver paper hook, an eye patch and a pirate hat (that kept falling off).  It took him all of 2 seconds to get into character.  He marched around here for a good hour saying, “Argh!”.  It was quite cute.  I wanted to get a great picture of him but he has denied me ANY pictures for months now.  I was able to snap this one which I happen to think captured the Argh factor slightly.  It makes me chuckle.  It was really all laughs until bathtime when I took out some makeup remover.



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