and now he is 3

…… I can’t believe three years have gone by already.  Everybody says, “Enjoy the time now because it goes by so quickly”.  Well, they are right in a sense.  It does go by rather fast.  Yesterday marked my little boy’s Birthday.  I have to say though…I savored the three years.  I enjoyed watching him grow and learn and turn into such a sweet young boy.  I didn’t let days go by without noticing that he stopped to watch a worm wiggle on the ground, that his jumps got a little higher, that he put the paintbrush back into the right color container.  These small things warm my heart on a daily basis.  Ben puts smiles on people’s faces and I just can’t help but notice that.  We are so proud of this kid. 

……It took him a couple of tries to blow that candle out – What a face!

……Chomping on the cupcake.

Happy Birthday Ben!


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