She stole the show!

Mother’s Day was nice, we spent the day at my Aunt’s.  Delicious bbq and fun crowd.  Ben held up pretty well for not having a nap and played with all of those that were willing.  (Thanks all).

BUT the highlight of the day was little baby Sunny.  I can’t tell you how cute this girl is because nothing I say will do her justice.  She is beyond squeezable and has eyes that would make you melt.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  My cousin Allegra (Sunny’s Mom), the one who makes pouches, she also gave me a ton of maternity clothes which also made my day.  I have been so agonizing over what fits and what to wear this will take so much stress off.  Lucky for me she was pregnant over the summer.  I can’t wait to try things on.  Thanks girl!

Anyways here a glimpse at this cutie patootie – she is precious.


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