I can’t believe how hot it is out!

Started on my garden today.  I only got a quarter the way through though.  Better than nothin I suppose.  A lot of grass is actually growing in there and that was time consuming to remove.  I planted a couple of dahlias (too early) but I needed to because they were dying in the pots I had them in.  I hope they make it. 


I also dusted off my pottery wheel today!  I sat down and threw myself a small pot.  I was surprised that it all came back to me so quickly.  I haven’t touched clay for over a year.  The only thing I found difficult was the kick-wheel.  It’s hard to keep that cement stone turning.  I didn’t quite have the speed but whatever I did was enough.  There is a cute, little pot sitting in the garage now.  I’m psyched about it.


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