Garlic Day | Long Island Food Photographer | Earth & Skye Photography

The day has finally come…..I harvested my garlic.  Last year, my Mom brought me organic garlic cloves straight from her friend’s garden.  I planted them in the Fall.  I watched them grow all winter and really start to pop in the Spring.  They grew like crazy.  My family enjoyed the scapes (flower stalks) in many of our home cooked dinners too – what a treat.  Then I sort of forgot about them.  Ya……I waited a bit too long before I remembered I needed to harvest.  Apparently, if you pass your window, the bulbs aren’t are tight and wont store as long.  My friend Tina (a total garden expert), said pull them right away.  I think I waited two days after she said that.  This morning, I set out to pull garlic.  Weeds had totally overcome the area (terrible).  I pulled anyway.  I was delighted to see actual garlic heads.  More beautiful than in the market.  They aren’t gigantic.  They are small but they are cute and they are mine.  Well, if you stop over….I promise I will share.  I started reading today about growing garlic (a tad late).  I have made some mental notes.  There is a process to curing them now too.  I have to dry them in an airy, dry area for a week or more.  Then cut the stalks and store in a cool, dry place.  I’m wondering where that will be.



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