Mission Impossible: Pumpkin picking Part I

Every year, just like many Long Island families, we head out East to go pumpkin  picking.  We usually go to a farm by my sister’s house because it always has great pumpkins and a corn maze, which the Monsta loves.  We fill a wagon full of pumpkins till it is overflowing and somehow, someway, we always get across the finish line without any falling.  This year was no different.

Monsta was ready.  He was a lean, mean pumpkin picking machine that was eager to get out into the fields.  He reminded Daddy of all the things we would need.  Gloves, Swiss army knife etc.  I would say, we were more than ready.

Then we get the phone call(s).  My sister tell us that the farm is not even selling pumpkins this year because of all the terrible weather.  All the farms were hit pretty hard with so much rain and then the hurricane.  Pumpkins were not in good shape.  There were definitely no wheel barrows and everyone was selling by the pound.  That could get pretty expensive.  We finally found a place that sold a bag full for $30.  That sounded reasonable, considering.

We set out…

Do you even see any pumpkins?

Ahhhh, we found some.  Cubby was happy as a clam.

It was slim pickins though.  Most of them were rotted or mushy or just plain gross.  Monsta managed to find some keepers.

I tried my best for the family shot.  Balanced my camera on a sturdy squash and set the timer.  Damn briar!

We made the best of it.  I’ll post more of our day later on this week.


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