I’ve got a new hat

Picked up a crochet hook and some old yarn and didn’t stop till the hat was finished.  It took me one whole day.  I started at night then picked it up all throughout the next day and finished up by midnight.  I love how it came out.  I’ve seen these 3 pointed hats around but haven’t seen them without frilly, girly stuff on them.  I think they are so cute so I wanted to make a real boyish one.  I know what you are saying…..What about the pom poms.  Well, I like them and he is only 2.5.  I’m allowed!  It was so simple to make.  Basically just a rectangle then pinched at the top.  I have already started my next one for my brother-in-law.  It will be only 2 points beause he is NOT 2.5.  It will take me longer though because my hand hurts now.  Hope you can wait Samy.  That’s what I get for obsessing.


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