End of summer

We decided well in advance last minute, to have a Labor Day party. Luckily, our friends were able to make it and we all had a super great time.


Monsta – by surprise of course.

Carly and Sam

Maritza and Chris


My sister Jules and Samy


Holly and Rob


David and Debra



Jules and Mia

Jill and Joe

Joey and Monsta armed with their DS’

Party didn’t wrap up till around 11:30. Hung around talking, guitar heroing and laughing.

Today, I sent my boy to his first day of Kindy. Oh my Gosh, I really can’t believe it. I am really excited for him and he was pretty psyched as well. I’m getting pangs of anxiety though (just little ones) trying to think what he is doing at this very second. What if he is lost in the hallway? What if he can’t open the container I put his peaches in? HAHAHA, I make myself laugh. I know everything will be fine and that he will come home safe and sound.

I can’t wait till 3:15.


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