Little Bear and Ping Pong


Monsta: Wemember that time I had ping pong day at camp?

Me:  Ping pong day?

Monsta:  Yes

Me:  Was it today?

Monsta:  Yes

Me:  *chuckle*  You mean wigwam day?

Monsta:  *belly laughs*

We were both laughing so much, I don’t remember what he actually wanted to tell me – doh!

He was proud of the bear they drew on his forehead.  I had to re-draw all the markings plus add one on his nose for the added cool factor.  I wish I had a shot of him with the cool necklace they made – oh well.  This Nature Discovery camp is pretty neat.  I think he is really enjoying his time there.  The only bad thing is that it is only for four days.  Isn’t that weird? 

While the Monsta is at camp, I’ve been pal-ing around with some of the other Moms.  It has been fun.  Beach one day with the little ones.  Yesterday, the mall.  Not sure what is on the agenda today but tomorrow, I’ve invited them all to my house for some fun in the sun and splashing in the pool. 

How many of you send your kids to camp?


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