Enough about me, let’s talk about ME!

Over the last few days, Ben has made the association that he=me.  We’ve told him to say, “me” many times and he does but never on his own.  I really never thought he got the concept anyway.  It was just something he repeated.  Now, it is obvious that he understands.  We’ve dropped reffering to ourselves in the 3rd person as much as possible (Thanks Craig for forcing me to do this).  It is so easy to just say, “Please give Mommy that 2gb card with 175 photos of precious memories of you playing at the beach on it” instead of, “Please give me that…”.  So yesterday, I put him to the test.  He was pointing to his Teddy Bear’s eyes and saying…

Ben:  Eye
Me:  How many eyes does Teddy have?
Ben:  2 (everything is 2 by the way)
Me:  How many eyes do I have?
Ben:  2 (pointing to my eyes)
Me:  How many eyes do YOU have?
Ben:  Me?  (OMFG, he just said me in the sense that me is him – Me and Craig rock!)
Me:  yes, you
Ben:  2 Mama

So there you have it.  Another success in our parenting book.

Marina is going to have another cup of coffee now.


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