Take me to your leader

My oldest (Monsta) is turning five in nine days.  I really can’t digest that number nor can I believe he will be starting Kindergarten in September.  When I look at him, I still see my baby.  When I pull up pictures on the computer, I see an older version.  It is sorta like when you see yourself on video or something and you just can’t believe that that is you!  Aren’t I five pounds thinner than that?

When I look at this boy, my heart just melts.  He will hold a special place with me always because he is my first.  Although he is going through the “I’m not listenening to a thing you say” phase, my eyes well up thinking about how wonderfully sweet and gentle he really is.  I look to my right as I type this and he is drawing so sweetly (this will last 10 seconds).  He tells me that he is making something for his cousin Jack.  Aww, how cute is that?

I probably will be pretty sappy in the next week leading up to his Birthday so…..hang in there with me.  My kid will only turn five once.

This is him being a robot he’s named “Turtle eyes” because he has two eyes and a shell. Makes sense to me.

Now, let me take you to this little one. His motto is, “I have to do EVERYTHING my brodda does”.

Could ya just squeeze him to pieces?


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