I got a new car!

I’ve been driving a Civic for 10 years.  It is trustworthy and comfortable and I never thought I needed anything new.  Until….NOW!  We got a Subaru Outback and I freaking LOVE IT!  It is a total upgrade for me let me tell ya.  2009 baby!  It’s got leather!  I won’t go into all the features because what I think is so cool is probably totally normal for the rest of you.  For instance, it’s got the buttons to open the locks ON the key!  You see, you are making fun of me.  I won’t go on to tell you that it has a 6 CD changer that works and a radio that comes in crystal clear.  No, really, I won’t tell you about the dual temp control and fold down seats AND heated side mirrors.  Holy Crap, heated side mirrors!  I’m cruising in style now for sure.

This photo is completely unrelated but look at this little boy’s profile – CHOMP!


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