A few weeks ago, you might remember, we went to visit Julie and Samy.  I wrote about it in this post.  Samy made us a dinner that night that was soooooo fantastic.  I thought you might want to see some photos of what he created.  It’ was not only delicious but it was a work of art.  He carefully plans out these menus and cooks all day with the finest ingredients of the East end.  I forgot to write down what each dish was so Samy, please send me the descriptions when you can and I will add them.  Thanks again for a wonderful meal.

Cucumber topped with guacamole and seared scallop.

Butternut puree with Sea bass and cipollini onion.

I can’t even guess what this was…..I know mushrooms and some sort of roast. (Yikes! Help me out Samy)

Nectarines, grapefruit and cherry with some sort of creamy, fresh sauce.


On a side note:

Girls, Have you gone for your mamogram this year?  I just went for the first time.  If you haven’t……Make your appointment TODAY!


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