Lucky Monday

Ben and I got out early this morning to try and beat the heat.  Unfortunately it was like 90 by 10:00.  Anyways, we went to the market and while I was getting Ben out of the car, I felt a plop on my shoulder.  I’m thinking to myself, “Did someone just tap me?”, “Did a random raindrop just land on me?” or wait a minute….”Did a bird just poop on me?”.  I slowly put my hand back there and sure enough it was the latter.  I couldn’t believe it.  An irregular bird just crapped on me?  It was a freaking mess let me tell you.  I called to a lady getting in her car to help me.  She was kind enough to wipe everything off my shoulder/back/hair.  She even asked for baby wipes to make sure everything was clean.  How nice is that?  I told Ben I got pooped on and he laughed. 

I’ll run out later and buy a lottery ticket.

0606 Ear to Ear


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