Why can’t I do EVERYTHING?

Ben really gets frustrated when he can’t figure out something.  He will try to do something and if it doesn’t happen on the first try, he freaks out.  He used to have so much patience, but now that he turned two, that went out the window.  That really goes for anything.  If he wants something, he wants it NOW.  He leaves no time to actually get it.  

This morning: 

Ben – Milk Mommy! 

Me – Ok, Ben, I need to get your cup and pour it. 

Ben – What!!!! MILK! MILK! (SPIT!) (MAD!) MILK! (cough) MILK! CRY!

He carries on like that until I give him the milk and then he says, “Daint doo” (thank you), turns and continues playing all happy.  Sometimes I even get an unsolicited kiss.

What’s up with that? 


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