Ruvo – Port Jefferson

We always try to make it out at least once for Long Island Restaurant Week. This time around, we tried Ruvo….

We had an 8:15 reservation and arrived at around 7:45. We hung out at the packed bar and had a glass of merlot. The crowd was a bunch of happy drunks in their late 40’s/early 50’s. I’m talking really happy. There was a ton of hugging and kissing and nuzzling. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think most of them were couples. A guy was playing guitar and singing and he was rather good. He played songs that everyone could sing along to. FUN

Then we were seated by a very friendly hostess who would go out of her way for anyone. Really nice girl.

Then the bad service started. A waitress came to our table about five minutes later and plopped down a “specials” card. She did not even go over it. She left and then about another five minutes later a gum chewing girl dropped off some bread. We finally ordered only to find out that the short ribs that I wanted were sold out. ugh – back to the menu. I chose the pork. Craig chose chicken. You can check out the menu here. To start I had the pumpkin soup and Craig had crab cakes. When our entrees came to the table, they were literally thrown in front of us by another busy food runner. That was rather disturbing. I watched that runner bring food to other tables and she was a mess. She didn’t know who ordered what and was asking diners to pass plates to the correct person. Terrible.

It is a shame because the food was rather tasty. The soup was very good and so were the crab cakes. The only complaint I had was with my pork, it was on the sweet side. Don’t get me wrong….I really liked it but had to manage the amount of chutney with every bite.

Desserts, we took home because we were just too full. I’m hoping my tiramisu is good. Craig caved and had the peanut butter and chocolate bread pudding late last night and said it was “Eh”. A big lump of bread with some chips sprinkled in.

Oh well, yet another restaurant that has no idea how to actually serve customers.



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