LIRR – when it was running

A while back, my Mom and I wanted to take the Monsta on his first train ride. He has always been fascinated by trains, like most boys are, and very excited to experience it first hand. He has chickened out in the past due to all the noise the train makes when it pulls into the station but this day he was brave.


This little one….happy as usual

Safe with Grandma and loving every minute of it!

We took about a 20 minute ride and stopped for pizza…

Then we turned around and came home.



We didn’t check the schedules and had to wait 45 minutes till the next train.  Then, we got off at the wrong stop for some strange reason and the next train was an hour wait.  We jump into a taxi that wanted $30 to go two stops.  Got out of the taxi.  Called Craig to see if he could get us because we were near his work but he was really busy.  So we waited.  Baby, in the sling for hours now and my back is KILLING me.  Phone rings, it is Craig coming to save the day.  He was happy  pissed that we were totally unorganized and with the children on top of that but got over it by the time he got home from work.  Craziness to say the least.  Did the kids mind?  No way, they had a ball!


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