Cabin: Part IV

OH MY GOSH……It has been so long since I’ve really blogged that I forgot about the cabin trip.  Here is yet another installment of that great weekend. 

We stopped at this cool place that sold things for the garden and home. They had a festival going on with a man churning his own organic butter and these hardcore guys were in the back banging iron:

We hung a tire in the tree next to the cabin:

There were lots of giggles:

Then we went for a hike to the springs. That was very cool. Hiking with an 18 pound baby on my back was quite the workout!

Noel, Melinda, Jack, Aunt Les, Ben:

Melinda and Ben:

Bestest Cousins Rock!

Me and the Peanut:

My favorite picture ever!!! (thanks honey for taking this)

There naturally were a lot of hugs given along the way…

Don’t be hating me but I think there is one last part – doh! Then I will wisk you off to Florida 🙂


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