The freedom to learn at your own speed

Things have evolved around here and it is wondrous. The Monsta has transitioned jumped right into the skin of, is it possible to say, an even more amazing boy. He started school again and on the very first day, something was different. My boy is very imaginative (which I totally love) but on this day, he wanted to put this “idea” he had down on paper.  Folks, that is big. I mean really big. It wasn’t me saying, “Hey Ben, you want to color with me?” or “What should we make today?”….It was him, full of words, telling me, “Mommy, I have this I idea about a robot that had this long tube that sucked up dirt and bad people and etc. (it was pretty detailed). When we got into the door he ran to his desk to draw. It was really unbelievable. He drew and drew and drew and then told me all about it. Of course it is hanging on his wall now.

The brain is a wonderful thing. His sense of exploring….

coupled with loving guidance….

has built a new confidence in him that is as bright as the sun.

On this first day of school, after the whole “idea”, he said he could write the letter “P” and “H”. Well, on the the magnet board in the car, he did it! He showed me in the rear view. I was stunned! He never had much patience for letter writing or drawing much. When we got home, after the “idea” thing, I asked him if he was interested in writing B E N. He said, “YES”. The boy did it! He just copied me and did it. Now he is writing his name all over. It is on my driveway in chalk and on my fridge. I love it! I love the fact that I never pushed him to do it and that it was just his time. I know a lot of parents want to boast about how their kid can do whatever it is before the age of two but come on…….my kid lives, experiences and learns at his own speed and it makes my heart do a little dance.

This kid can make you laugh and he does all day long. Can he stay this way forever? Of course not, but I am enjoying watching him grow.

My Monsta = my gift.


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