Spring Cleaning and Cleansing.

0322 Happy 82/365                                                                  …..

My sister Julie stayed over this weekend and really motivated me. She helped me because I needed someone to do a “Yes/No” with me. You know what that is, right? You stand in your closet and pull out one thing at a time and the other person says, “Yes” or “No”. That simple really. Well to make a long story short…..I have an empty closet. No clothes. (Aunt Les, you need to stop over and pick up BAGS of stuff). I had so much stuff I never wore filling my precious space. Freeing myself of all that crap really makes me feel good. I would do a cartwheel right now if my hip didn’t hurt! 😉

Spent a lovely day at my parents yesterday for Easter. My inlaws also came over for dessert. It was fun and delicious! Thanks


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